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Cost to burn a light bulb for one hour

July 28th, 2008 | Posted in Frugality, Savings

Electricity is a great invention, but we have to pay to use it every month. Right now everybody is trying to find ways to save a dollar and your electricity bill is a great way to start. Obviously your largest expense for your electricity is your electric heat and cool pump if you have one, but what about the small electricity items? How much does it really cost to use a 100 watt light bulb?

It might sound like a dumb question but many people burn outside lights all night and some keep lights on inside the house all night too. Is it going to break your budget to burn these lights or is it not worth worrying about? Guess it depends on how frugal you want to be, let’s do the math.

I just checked the rates of our electricity company and during off peak hours or night time hours they charge 3.759 cents per KWH. If you have one 100 watt light bulb burning it uses 0.1 kWh per hour (100/1000). Therefore about 0.00759 cents per hour ($0.03759*0.1) so less then a penny per hour. If you leave the light on all night for 10 hours it will cost you about $0.07 per night or $2.10 per month for every light you leave burning. Doesn’t sound like much but it can add up especially if you leave them on during the day or during peak hours. Peak hours cost 0.0769 cents per kWh so about double the night time hours. Lesson here is turn those lights off before you leave the house, otherwise you’ll be buring valuable money.

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